With businesses focusing on improving customer offerings, providing them with  ‘what they want, when they want, and wherever they want it’, customers are empowered. To create a positive and seamless shopping experience, it is important that a customer should be able to order, pickup, or return  an item from anywhere they want. And this is made possible with the Order Management System. This system is efficient, flexible, and will keep up with the business needs to meet the expectations of a smart customer.

Magento Order Management System (OMS) offers features namely Distributed Order Management, Global Inventory Management, Omni-channel Fulfillment, and Customer Service. Before getting deeper into what Magento offers with its Omni-channel features, let us understand what an OMS is and why it is needed.

An Order Management System is a must-have for your e-commerce business as it can track sales, orders, and inventories. Managing sales channels and fulfill customers’ needs is not an effortless task for an e-commerce business. Hence an effective OMS can be used to manage orders from all sales channels.

Further, it is better to have a system that shows a series of actions between customers and the OMS management system while ordering an item.

As per the Forrester Research, “Omni-channel commerce is the combination of all traditional channels (like marketing, selling etc.) and supporting systems which are used to create a seamless customer experience.”

Multi-Channel Order Management System offers you a flexible solution to sell, manage, and fulfill inventory, which helps to increase your sales. With an Omni-channel shopping approach, it has made customers get in touch with you through various screens, channels, and technologies. With the help of Omni-channel functionalities, customers do not have to repeat themselves across different service channels such as social networks, forums/message boards, and live chats. This gives the best customer experience in any fashion the customer expects.

So, Why Magento Order Management?

Magento Commerce Order Management System has a thorough understanding of customer preferences and abilities to deliver the product efficiently and successfully. With inventory management, the shopping experience has become seamless. This also becomes even smoother with an Omni-channel experience.

Real-Time Inventory and a Single View of Customers

  • Create and maintain a single store for all orders, inventories, and fulfillments.
  • Give your customer support team, a single view that has combined records.
  • Provides insights into your customer’s shopping patterns; based on their wish list, search history.
  • Change customer information from a central repository in order to avoid redundancy of information.
  • Simple, quick returns and automated refunds.

Support growth and expansion in business

  • Reduce your ownership cost.
  • Access and manage everything from a single integrated system.
  • Add new business ideas to generate tangible expansion and hence overcome market differences with competitors.
  • Integrate your all brands globally across various sites and stores.

We at SourceMash have provided small to large business online retailers with the Omni-channel Magento Order Management services and they have loved it. We use the data so collected to use business intelligence practices in order to improve the retailer’s business processes. As your provider, our expert team understands the customer requirements and your goals as well. For more information on this, you can email us at [email protected] or Contact us by submitting the form’.