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Our training programs are interactive, focusing on group discussions, case studies, scenario-based learning, workshops, and live projects examples based on extensive industry experience by competent tutors.

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SourceMash Technologies exercises social media effectively to connect with freshers’ aspirants eagerly willing to train with the best IT company in Mohali from the neighboring state and UT in the country. Our company focuses on the topmost universities and colleges, hiring aspirants for training and providing placement.

How do we train you?

The main motive behind the industrial training is to provide the much-needed industrial exposure to aspirants, making them well equipped to be compatible with the corporate world.

Technical Expertise
Technical Expertise

Aspirants will be trained to become technical experts in Asp. Net-training, Digital Marketing, Graphic Designers, SEO-training, Tips for Making PPT.

High impact real-world projects
High impact real-world projects

Aspirants can pics from a list of highly impactful projects designed from different B2C & B2B domains like Power BI, CRM, Business Analytics, Jawa script, etc.

Guest lectures
Guest lectures

The lectures are delivered by Industry experts to motivate the aspirants and provide them insights & practices related to the real world.

Soft skills training
Soft skills training

The main objective is to build a great culture in aspirants.

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Reasons why you should join SourceMash Technologies fresher's academy!

Our IT Training Academy operates by seasoned professionals who lead a team of educators and trainers with relevant domain expertise. At this institution, one can get trained by opting for a wide range of Computer / IT career courses. These easy-to-follow courses are primarily aimed at aspirants, working professionals, and IT professionals who want to enhance their intelligence and advance their career prospects to serve the upcoming Computer / IT JOBs.

SourceMash Trainers

Our campus hiring strategy is a step-by-step process of campus identification, building a solid and impressionable recruitment team to visit colleges from neighboring states and UT, organize engagement activities, suitable screen candidates, and ultimately conduct interviews.