Dynamics 365 brief

Dynamics 365 is a platform of business application on cloud-based environments (while introduced). This combines components of Customer Relationship Management, Enterprise Resource Planning. Apart from these components, this is also providing features of productivity application and artificial intelligence tools.

Dynamics 365 deployment

Dynamics 365 is allowing cloud and on-premise based deployments. While introduced, there was cloud-based deployment on Microsoft Azure. As time passed, it was introduced to on-premise too, but some of its features are still not available in on-premise environments and those have its positive reasons not to be available on-premise.

Microsoft Azure deployment of Dynamics 365 is providing the reliability of environments with architecture independence and consistency of the system.

Digital transformation with MS Dynamics 365 cloud

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is combining services of business applications like; ERP, CRM, Office 365, Business Intelligence, and more to empower the business with the integration of their applications. Businesses can get support from this multi-tenant public cloud with insights and intelligence while they are managing Sales, Customer Service, Project Service Automation, Field Services, Marketing, and operations.

Microsoft Dynamics GP and Navision are still available for on-premise users along with the Dynamics 365 Enterprise edition.

Performance in the cloud:

Being on Dynamics 365 in the cloud, businesses can use cloud-based analytics tools and applications to get tuned to the performance of systems and businesses. Microsoft Azure is providing real-time analytics of Dynamics 365 as well as the tuning analytics of integration of Dynamics 365 with other productivity tools.

Dynamic 365 features at a glance

Working on Dynamics 365 businesses is more than using any domain-specific application. Dynamics 365 is the set of complete business needs as well as productivity tools. The use of Dynamics 365 is providing standard features to its end users and some of them are listed below:

  • Productive

    Dynamics 365 is providing insights to its users to let them know how they and their businesses are performing. This way, the productivity of business and end users increases as they can work on their lacking parameters.

  • Secure

    Dynamics 365 is a ready-to-use business application with robust security and access control apps. The application that is falling inside Dynamics 365 is controlled by a common security center as well as in its own security model. The data centers, applications, and any physical device are adhered to check with secure streamed line access control.

  • Globalization

    Microsoft Dynamics 365 is offering more than 82 countries and 41 languages with integrated localized tools that business needs to better communicate, collaborate and ultimately, gain results.

  • Track Your Competitors

    Dynamics 365 is giving analytics about business competitors by separate profile section where you can define your competitor and their strength and weaknesses.

  • Live Dashboards

    Dynamics 365 is providing analytics-based insight to its customers in various ways. Applications that fall inside Dynamics 365 package, also have their own insight tools like dashboards for Sales, Marketing, Customer Services, Finance & Operations, but apart from there, Dynamics 365 is offering common dashboards with live insights from its application package.