Instagram is a photo and video-sharing social networking service that has almost 500+ million daily active users globally, and this is the reason it is turning into an ideal stage for eCommerce organizations to acquaint products to customers. And it will be more exceptional when they can easily display their Instagram images directly on the eCommerce store. This can be made possible by Magento 2 Instagram Feed Extension. With the help of this, they can build client commitment and lift the deals.

This extension can boost your product sales and gain more customers to the store by improving the look of the store and hence is considered a very powerful widget. To make your online store look attractive, owners should try integrating Instagram with Magento 2 store.

With Magento 2 Instagram Feed, Attract More Customers to Your Site:

The Magento 2 Instagram feed extension offers many features to help you make your store look more professional and enhance customer experience. Instagram feed extension will enhance your store with lovely features and will add an extra spark to your store, which will hence attract more customers.

Easy to Manage User Instagram Access Token:

The Magento 2 Instagram extension makes it very easy to operate. You just have to get a client access token, set the number of pictures to show on different pages of your Magento 2 stores, set keywords, get pictures and there you have it.

Multiple Designs/Layouts to Choose From:

With Magneto 2 Instagram Feed Widget you can give your feed a professional look. It comes with various options of layouts to choose from. With this extension, store owners are capable of selecting from multiple design options to suit their Instagram page dimensions and content displays. This feature act as an added advantage to this extension.

Magento 2 Instagram Feed Extension : MultipleLayouts
Magento 2 Instagram Feed Extension: MultipleLayouts

Create widget and display posts on any page of website:

With this module, you can add a tint of a modern look to your store. Owners have the flexibility to embed photos anywhere, i.e., on any page and at any position on their site. They can even upload the Instagram profile picture directly from the Magento admin backend. This made this module very easy to customize and adaptable. Such a set-up will also attract more customers and will boost your business.

Display specific post from instagram through keywords/hashtags

This extension helps to show the instagram photos on your store by specific keywords or hashtags. This will help shoppers with the right content they are looking for which will increase customer engagement.
In the backend, store admins can easily manage all the photos in the gallery based on the hashtags and keywords.

Instagram feed magento 2 extension

Final Words:

Magento 2 Instagram feed extension by SourceMash offers store owners advanced features to integrate your Instagram images into the Magento 2 online store. We will make your eCommerce store more visually appealing and will increase customer engagement, which will generate more conversions and boost sales. This module is packed with easy-to-use comprehensive configuration options that will help you customize the look of your store without wasting much time and efforts.
You can contact us today to get more conversions on your store. We have all the tools packed for you that are required to make your website more attractive!!