Lead generation and chatbots. A perfect combination of two can flood your business with leads. For this, you should embrace chatbot lead generation strategies to produce more leads.
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Can Chatbots really help me?

1. Let’s understand our audience

It’s hard to give a present to your new boss but easy when you’re selecting a gift for your best friend. Why so? Because you know your friend inside out. Likewise, selling products to customers can be hard if you don’t know their interests. The ChatBot can help make this interaction easy.

The chatbot makes it easy to help you understand your audience. It enables you to identify the interests, likes, and dislikes of them. Knowing the 5 W’s (Who, When, Where, Why, and What) enables you to drive the experience and personalization they’re looking for. There are many ways, we can understand the audience, you can conduct surveys, ask questions, or even better, start a voice of the consumer program which gets feedback immediately post the first touchpoint with your brand.

An eCommerce store can use a sales chatbot to increase lead generation. For example, if a user visits your website, the bot can ask questions. If the user enters the wristwatch, the bot can show the best wristwatches you’ve in your inventory.

2: Segmenting the audience

Segmentation plays a major role in keeping your content relevant. It also escalates your lead generation strategy. Suggesting a male customer to purchase female shoes, can negatively impact the customers’ experience. Using data gathering and automation, your chatbot can segment the audience based on the data it collects. The great part is the segmentation rules are in your hands, you can segment on many factors like demographics, interests, age, gender, etc.

When you segment, you help yourself in lead nurturing. If a customer belongs to a category, you can deal with him/her with the solution you have for that section. For example, if a user celebrates Christmas, your bot can show the best presents available for the customer to give at Christmas. This can be huge as customers who shop online have limited time, they know what they want or why they are shopping – so providing the accurate and realistic interaction with the bot can help build the brand relationship and trust.

3: Build Relationships

Trust is the foundation of a relationship. A chatbot helps you build that trust by having regular interaction with the audience. It engages subscribers by providing instant connection and always being available to help them. This makes them think that there’s a brand they can always rely on.

People who rely on chatbots are folks who are not pushy and always take care of the customer’s preferences. Customers Experience through any channel matters to build brand relations. If they find any issues related to their shopping experience or their account, they’ll ask the bot how to fix it.

4: Education of the Brand

Education is an essential element in the lead generation process. Without having knowledge about the product, the customer won’t buy it. This can be made easy with a chatbot. Many organizations are using chatbots to teach their audience and make them regular subscribers. As generation Z is coming to age, patience is decreasing as the world is moving at a fast pace. Chatbots will let your users find the content they need quickly and easily.

For example, If you have a blogging platform, your bot can provide the feature to a user to simply type “Italian Cooking Recipes” to get posts about Italian cooking.

Chatbots are the future

Chatbots are the present of business and their future is much brighter. According to Business Insider, 80% of the companies will be using chatbots by 2020. If you want to grow your business, you must be a part of that 80%.

Yes, you can generate leads the old fashion way, and No, Chatbots will not replace the personal touch of lead generation, but it can help you get more effective leads. After all, only effective leads will convert into paying customers and brand evangelists.

Generation Z and Millennials prefer to chat to communicate with businesses. That’s why the chatbot conversion rate will be higher than your typical interaction channel. In short, if you don’t have a lead generation bot, you’ll miss out on the opportunities of generating effective leads.

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