Magento is not only a company but a community where the best Magento minds meet, discuss, learn, enjoy and come up with new innovative ideas on leveraging Magento as one of the best eCommerce solutions.
And, SourceMash’s MagNinjas did not miss the opportunity to attend this event as a bronze sponsor and a keynote speaker!!!

Organizer and Speakers in Meet Magento 2020, Mumbai

Organized by Wagento, the event had 25 speakers and the list includes Ben Marks, Vinai Kopp, Vikrant Shukla, Sathish Vaidyanathan, Sergii Ivashchenko, Arun Bansal, Cheliyan Pancras,
Vivek Kumar, Pradip Shah and more…

What MagNinjas Experienced in MM20IN, Mumbai?

  • Learnings from the best Magento community members and speakers.
  • Opportunity to meet developers from different regions and mindset.
  • Showcased SourceMash’s expertise as a Magento Development Company.
  • Suggested solutions and shown case studies to Magento developers.
  • Session from best Magento Minds like Ben Marks, Vinai Kopp, Vikrant Shukla, Kali Charan Rajput, Sergii Ivashchenko, Alfreds Genkins and many more.

Event Timeline:

The event started at 8:00 am on 1st Feb 2020.

  • Vijay Golani and Brent Peterson started the conference with a welcome note.
  • Sathish Vaidyanathan from PayPal presented his thoughts on technology is just a medium to achieve any business goal. This session was very insightful for business leaders or startups to make them understand how to align business goals with technology.
  • Cheliyan Pancras from Adobe provided insights on how companies can use Magento as a technology and what is upcoming, like Integration of Magento & Adobe, Upcoming AI-powered site search by Adobe, etc.

Now, it’s Breakfast Time! Sponsored by Codilar, the breakfast was delicious.

  • Kali Charan Rajput from Ranosys spoke on how to succeed in E-commerce business. He threw the light on putting yourself in customer shoes when design, develop or market an eCommerce website. When counting details like watching site visitors and shoppers as yourself will certainly return to the business.
  • Krishna Guda from ScientiaMobile explained how slow website speed may affect your business and how one can get better page load speed with Image CDNs.
  • Mr. Vedanarayanan Vedantham, SMB Business Practice, Marketer, Brand Strategist delivered a speech on “eTailing for a Billion”.
  • The panel discussion on hosting by Miguel Balparda, from Nexcess, Arun Bansal from ServerGuy, and Pradip Shah, from luroConnect was a pleasant experience!
  • Alfreds Genkins from Scandiweb PWA, talked about PWA. He is the youngest speaker in the event.
  • Umair Mohammed from Wigzo Technologies, talked on data and its importance. Data collection, Segmentation, and Personalization was the focused area.
  • Jisse Reitsma, from Yireo talked on PWA and its importance in future. He also talked about the launch of DUKA a prototype e-commerce project that connects a React app (using Redux, Apollo Client and React Bootstrap) to a Magento 2.3 GraphQL site.
  • Stefan Willkommer from Techdivision was amazing to listen on Magento technology.
  • Marsha Naidoo, from Magemojo talked about how to participate, take help and contribute in Magento community.

Lunch and Dessert served by Netsmartz: MagNinjas are always Hungry either for Knowledge or for Food…not to mention, but the food and desserts were amazingly yummy!!

SourceMash’s MagNinja, Vivek Kumar spoke on “Delivering High-Performance Ecommerce with Magento Commerce Cloud”. You can View, Like, Share or Download the presentation from SlideShare.

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  • Ravi Trivedi from PushEngage was amazing on Adobe Stock Integration, the art of requirement gathering, and best practices of web push notifications.
  • Further sessions were taken by Sailatha Karthikeyan from Accenture, Christopher Daniel from Zilker Technology, and Sahil Chug from MageHost.
  • And then the Vinai Kopp, Magento Master, Magento Trainer, Developer, Consultant, and Author talked about Testing Framework.
  • Saurabh Rajpal from Google talked on how to make the web better and how Google is working with Magento on that mission. Also, he talked about the benefits of PWAs and demonstrated real-life eCommerce case studies on some great results.
  • Ben Marks, Magento Evangelist, Adobe was Show Stopper in the event! He quoted, “India is a heart of Magento” …and the hall was echoed with applause. It was such an amazing moment for all the Magento minds of India.

The event was happily ended with the “Drink Party” enjoyed by everyone, sponsored by Shogun.

The team SourceMash is proud to be a part of such an amazing event. We are very excited to participate for the next upcoming event Magento Imagine at Adobe Summit, Las Vegas, Nevada on Mar-29 to Apr-02 as a keynote Speaker.

Come and Hear Us at Adobe Summit!!

MagNinja’s Review on the Event:

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